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joy has been killing me lately 💦

why does tusky cut off the first half second of every video...

don't understand why anyone would want a permanent online profile that's connected to your name or your other profiles

i was talking to someone and she said her house was really cold because she turned the heat off while she was gone for a while. i was zoned out and just said "yea i like to heat my house..." and she looked at me like I'm retarded :blobsweat:

i really don't like loona's big group stuff as much as the solos and subunits. every member getting like 1 line just sucks... btw everyone sleeping on yeojin she is great

come on joy
source: level up project 3 e20 180907

just saw a rare picture of Olivia hye with her mouth closed

does joy realize that she's there to board a plane like why is she dressed like that :blob_grinning_sweat:

last wendy update: 1/1/19 (85 days ago) :blobsleepless:

felt like a change of scenery so i moved my desk a few feet over
how tf can wendy sell so much with just ost songs and sm still won't give her a solo album

>got implied that i'm mentally ill because i don't want to watch porn
just how i like to start my day

porn is digusting... if i never saw porn again it would be too soon

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