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anyone have an avistaz invite to spare🙏

autism prevents me from ever using gifs... i have to go find the source and make a higher quality webm

my mom keeps asking if I'm dating anyone but i haven't figured out yet how to break it to her that she's never going to have grandchildren

thinking about trying a new mmo, playing by myself for a few days, and then quitting

i don't enjoy singers who try to sound like children

feel like i should make another account somewhere else without all this gay asian bull shit

yeojin's kiss later is the most wholesome song ever made

people are really still out here recording every time joy and sungjae are in the same room together... i liked wgm too but it was time to move on long ago...

i need to see all of the scenes of phos' head exploding animated

halcyon can cw text without cw the image... nice... i meant to cw that image tho...

houseki no kuni c77 

i've never wanted a second season of anything as much as i want houseki no kuni s2

everyone trying to get one last look at yeri before she disappears into the jungle forever

tfw you make a webm and upload it somewhere and then immediately find the source video in better quality

what's the maximum file size on here
who does these effects... the scream and zoom when yeojin is talking :thinknyan:

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