lee dong wook standing next to the produce x101 guys makes them look like weird ugly babies

oh boy it's time once again for fangirl vs fanboy wars :blob_laughing:
i like kang hodong too

i love a good plastic surgery discussion but saying an idol got fillers from every candid photo with awkward facial expressions/angles/lighting really triggers me

why doesn't sm give their best singers any new songs ever

i spend too much time talking to kpop antis... they just make me upset

all this wendy content... thank you based fashion week :blobcatmelt:

amazon pls let me register a .joy domain so i can make my own fanclub thanks

listened to jonghyun's poet | artist again and now i need something cute to make me feel less depressed :blobcatsadreach:

can mastodon embed videos like twitter where the original poster is referenced without having to boost or reupload the video?

i really want a red velvet/joy news account on fedi but i am too lazy to do it myself and i'm probably the only one who wants it anyway

@8 i should retime the revelup subs to this video since their video sucks... i wonder if they would mind

here i am again watching this joy insta live in bed instead of sleeping

not feeling these nugus lately

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