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I'm using XLD to convert FLAC + CUE to FLAC tracks. Is it better to leave compression at "Normal" or set it to "None" when converting?

Will an iPhone still boot with the front (selfie) camera removed?

Zombie Land Saga Ep. 8 Spoilers 

America: the country that worries more about the dangers of romaine lettuce rather than the dangers of fire arms...

I tried. I installed Maui Linux with KDE Plasma and it was running great. All I did was lock the screen and now it doesn’t boot. After a full day of testing software and another full day of setting up VPNs, Plex, Sonarr, and alike. I give up. Back to macOS I go (which is still easier to handle even on a hackintosh). Also, I’ll be glad to get back iCloud Drive.

Heyo. I'm trying to get $300 to cover a pet deposit so I can get my six year old cat from my ex. I've found out he's not taking care of her... If anybody would consider buying my art, or donating, I would really appreciate it.
Art is $25 includes shipping US only.

Recaptcha, or, Google hasn't made money off your personal data, so we're gonna have you do some work instead.

a little bit of real talk 

A win for privacy: Court has ruled that forcing someone to reveal their password is a violation of constitutional rights against self-incrimination. 😀💪

Here's how we protect your Tutanota password and your encrypted mailbox:

I just played the first 30mn of Chaos;Child, and holy hell… that game definitely had to fight for it’s M rating, and I see why. The visuals are quite disturbing.

Imagine being in the bathroom at 4:40am, just totally PISSED because of websites overuse of javascript, and the reluctance of just using basic HTML/CSS in 2018
This is why I can't have friends.

So Customs took a look at my Amazon JP parcel (BTW: Amazon JP is STELLAR about their packing), and decided it was okay to throw all the books back in with covers bent, books between books, and leaving out a plastic clear file in the heat to have it deform while doing the check.

Not cool.

I. Lost. 50. Pre-Calc. Problems. That. I. Gotta. Redo. By. Tomorrow.

End me.

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