I made a Plex for iOS UI concept. I’m guessing I only did it because the current one is so unresponsive. It’s not that bad, but I assume I just linked the UI and the unresponsiveness together subconsciously. Anyway, thought I might share it! niu.moe/media/InILzUMxsVpD99qK niu.moe/media/GFuNqf03w_FU0OnK

I'm using XLD to convert FLAC + CUE to FLAC tracks. Is it better to leave compression at "Normal" or set it to "None" when converting?

Me trying to figure out what console to buy, or what OS to install by game compatibility and privacy. Help. Me. Why. Does. Windows. Get. Everything. niu.moe/media/x3H3--tbdKVJ7mmo

Here’s an concept I made a while back to use the empty Music CC Space on iOS. Most likely will be posting more concepts here I had previously posted on Twitter.


We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !