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Keep browsing. But there is no any good pages at Internet.


I want instance that wiped every season. I love fresh starts.

Family is not about blood. It’s enough just know that we’re family.

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Not sure what ppl think about my wallpaper (Ubuntu 18.04 default). Maybe they think that I love beavers and orange color a lot.

I’m well rested by playing games and sleep all weekend

I will run my own instance when niu dies

Unknown words is best part of english. I can speak only good words which I want and about topics which I want.

design is dangerous. If it really can hold hammer strike - you will use it. And hit everything by your car. Without any doubt. And you will not be so scary about hit another tough car. And at one day you will hit it too hard and someone will die.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !