Ayyy went to the doc today, now they sent me to go to 3 different ones.
Not looking forward to that

I wrote a few words about exploring a cheap chinese router.

I don't want to say that I'm not fucking up by being lazy myself.
But these constant paralyzing migraines are really fucking with my productivity and ability to search for a job

And with that I should have basically everything off of it.

Whoops I fell asleep shortly after I posted earlier.
I shouldn't stay up all night even when I'm excited about something *dead*

With that good morning niu!

Huh... dumping a router kernel over serial console.
Odd approach but worked for me, was tired didn't want to look into another way like desoldering the flash chip. Figured it can't be over 2MB so might aswell wait an hour or so.

And what do you know it worked:

space invaders is trying to buffer overflow it's way out of my emulator!

I think I have severe impostor syndrome.
It demotivates me so much, makes me not want to do anything, makes me feel not good enough for anything.
Every project I start, every job listing I see, everything I do makes me think "You're not good enough"

If you have experiences with that I'd like to hear your methods how you keep it away and stay strong.
Sometimes things just become quite overwhelming to me

Sometimes feeling not good enough makes my learn more, but most of the time it Mayes me lazy

Note to self: Don't solder late in the night, you could die.

I forgot to turn off the soldering iron before I went to bed... It ran for 20 hours and I just now thought "Wait I can't remember ever turning it off"

I finished though
Yes I'm still alive and plan on keeping it that way in the future

And the soldering iron passed the long time use test

The out of scope part was me making my own exploits for all the CVEs and explaining everything by example, isolating the concept of the exploit into a non related example with only necessary details and then as a 2nd phase after I was done with the whole topic a grand finale with the real exploit, popping a shell :3

Oh shit.
I just finished my IT-Security project and the prof told me I did more than was actually in scope and it was really in depth.

He also offered me to forward me to a contact to get a security job, the only bad thing is that I need to move out of my state and I don't have the funds...

I honestly need that offer.... I don't think I'll get another chance with the decisions I've made recently.
It would be a dream job, malware analysis and conception of defense solutions...


Region blocked website.
Using gif to detect region.
Wonder how they do it:

1. GET request for gif to couldfront CDN (delivers 403 when in blocked region)
2. ???
3. image < 1 pixel ? denyAccess : grant

This is so weird and really easy to circumvent.

What options does one without any goal or plan for the future have.
In terms of finding a job or bridging the gap until they found something.
I hate everything atm.

Most of what I tried only captures HTTP/S traffic only. (eg. Burp, Squid proxy).
I'll keep poking and looking at it. I've heard a bunch about frida, maybe I can make something work with that

Does anyone have experience with android reverse engineering?
I'd love to hear about your favourite tools and tricks.
I just started my first journey yesterday and got system wide live packet capture setup.

On the (rooted) phone execute this over an adb shell:
"tcpdump -i wlan0 -s 0 -w - | busybox nc -l -p 4444"
Forward the port.
And use "nc localhost 4444 | wireshark -k -S -i -" to connect and pipe stdin into wireshark.

I haven't yet figured out how to proxy everything so I can alter packets


Just finished my first paper for an IT-Security project in college. I'm not satisfied and think I could've done things better somehow.
But oh god writing a paper in German is just horrible, I'll always prefer English.
The whole process itself was fun albeit being exhausting.

At which point in your career would you sign an NDA?

Before the interview?
After it?
When you start working?
Later in?

If you were asked to sign one "on-spot" and you can't take a while to consider, what would you do?
Sign it?
Not take/Quit the job?

Would money play a role in your decision?

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