Would you say being a Software Engineer falls under working in IT?

Zzzz the port of teeworlds is on hold for now.
The problem is the threaded renderer.
The switch doesn't seem to be able to render on any thread != main thread. That means I'd have to rewrite the renderer to be either on the main thread with the logic. Or swap the two threads around.
Both things that would require a bunch of work and don't seem trivial to me

QwQ my PR is merged!
MOM I helped!

I ended up contributing to the teeworlds codebase.
My second PR ever!!

I didn't have glu on the nintendo switch, so I replaced the one function call they used with the opengl equivalent and dropped glu.
I opened a PR and it looks good uwu

I did some porting to the switch can you figure out what game that is?

You immediately know that the person you're discussing with has no clue about security when they mention nordvpn being good.

Just had a discussion that VPN doesn't do a lot for anonymity and their view of privacy (ISP selling their history).
And that if you're not using it to circumvent geoblocking or protection against sniffing in public networks, you're using it for the wrong reasons.
I told them that they just pivot the problem they want to solve to another point when they use a VPN

I've been trying to learn about UEFI, linux device trees, mostly in the context of ARM.
And I have to say that I have a bit of trouble understanding everything ;;

Any ideas how I could better learn about and most importantly practice those things?

I'd love to be able to play around with embedded systems, porting linux to them or writing a UEFI pkg.
But so far I'm lost and don't actually know how to properly start learning

I really want to buy programmer socks.
But I don't know which ones are cute ;;

The people in my class think I'm a wizard ewe

A classmate wanted linux on his laptop, but had no USB stick, nobody wanted to lend us one.
So I installed manjaro linux from windows.

Mount ESP on windows, install grub, boot grub, load iso image, point it to kernel and initramfs and give it kernel params, boot, proceed installation like you would from a usb stick.

Thinking about buying a server...

I'd be at 130€ for one with double L5640 and 16GB RAM, from what I see functional:
No drive cages, but I can easily model and print them, I have done that before.
Oh and also free shipping

Buy or nah?

I wish I had a cool way to teach others about linux and open source in an easy and interesting way.

Convey the excitement I feel to them and have them at least try it once and explore it a little bit

I don't think this flirting stuff works like this :blobthinking:

I'm so impressed by freeBSD.
So far except for the X11 thing it was quite smooth sailing.

The graphics performance on the desktop is better than it was on arch linux!
No screen tearing, no stutters, it just seems to work quite well.

Idk why but this all gets me kind of excited. I didn't think I would be this excited when I try it out.
Maybe I'm just easily impressed πŸ€”

@duponin I finally installed freeBSD everything went well until I wanted to install x11.
Graphics drivers of Nvidia and intel are loaded, but the xserver won't start.
I feel a bit dumb, but gotta give up for today, it's 5am.

It was an interesting journey though, I learned a little bit about grub and quite a few things about freebsd. So far I really enjoy learning the differences to Linux - even without a GUI, but I intended to try it as a desktop system.

And if you come with "You can use haskell as a procedural programming language"
It's a huge hack and in my honest opinion awkward and not what the language was made for.

Granted I only dabbled with it though

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I feel so fucking messed with.
Like what?? He surely was like "wtf is a haskell lmao"
Idiot, as always he proves that he doesn't know what he's talking about

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