Does anyone use matrix, are there cool servers to hangout in like IRC

they cost about the same and I know encrypted email is security theatre but it does make me feel a bit better.

on the other hand FUCK proton bridge

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should i finally just cancel my protonmail subscription and switch to migadu

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Boost this and I will assign you a UUID

Check out my new internet radio station that just plays Get Lucky by Daft Punk on repeat with the occasional interruption of Tom Jones's It's Not Unusual

We hold these truths, to be self-evident, that all people should be able to fuck robots

Also how dare they not have a .cult TLD

constantly debating on whether I should grab (or since my current domain/email is semi-tied to my real name but also I'm not sure how much I really care if people figure out the connection

would anyone be interested in a lofi hiphop radio that also possibly has a live chat so basically the same as those youtube radio stations except music and chat would both use same protocols so you wouldn't have to use youtubes shitty interface

Like, icecast for music and an IRC/Matrix/whatever the kids are using for chat with a web frontend

I love this slide out rack keyboard even though literally no one knows where it came from

Holy shit the iDRAC9 interface is nice

Birthday last night was fun but considering I'm still hungover 24 hours later I ~may~ have done some damage to my liver

Tonight I play the most dangerous game: it's my birthday so everyone's giving me free booze but I gotta not be hungover tomorrow to see my parents

one of my student workers got me an amiibo for my birthday and I'm actually pretty touched.

now I need to figure out what the hell an amiibo actually does

Imagine having a blog instead of just wall'ing your thoughts on every machine you have access to

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