My insurance company is giving me a free Amazon echo auto. Anyone got any cool hacks for it? Or is it just going to end up as teardown fodder like all the other free smart-spies I get

Some poor grad-student straight up set-up a matress with sheets and a blanket in one of the old labs and god I hate having to snitch on them


I guess I'm just wondering if I'll find a place that makes me happy

Everytime I go to the same places I went to college without a purpose I just feel like shit

Finally google is actually releasing RCS for everyone in the US

Virtualization is great until there's a minor issue in your backing cluster and half your infrastructure goes down

The :bun: reveals the surprising truth about people and situations.

Press 1 to hear lifelike bird sounds

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and also figure out who posted on local that I still wanna see on other instances

Alright, I've followed everyone I follows new accounts (if they have one). Now to start figuring out where the hell I'm going to move because I don't want to fall back to my long forgotten other fedi account

Man, and I was just starting to post here more often again

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