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i wish they all could be miskatonic girls

One of the things they don't tell you about having hair down to your ass is the fact that every now and then you're gonna have to open up your vacuum cleaner and cut out roughly 2 kg of hair

your problem is you're not listening to enough tom waits

gotta love fighting with 25 year old, barely supported backup software

Apple soju and berryweiss make a delicous combo that gets me absolutely demolished

giving me mood whiplish hard enough to crack my neck

One of the little details I like in in the new animal crossing is the fact that you automatically turn your phone off when entering the museum.

AC:NH still feels a little content-lite so far, but I love all the tiny details

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Tomorrow my friend is visiting me for the last time before she's forced to move back home due to the plague. And that's most likely going to be the last human contact I have for quite some time.

guess that's as good a time as any to start meditating and doing duolingo again

It's not "playing video games when you're supposed to be working" it's "stress-testing the admin VPN"

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Day 2 of work from home quarantine: still not really any change from a normal Saturday for me

Schools officially out so it's time to load up that bong and watch Pokemon

Finally fixed my gitea server: turns out my Ansible config didn't add the gitea user to the gitea group by default (since OpenSuse adds users to 'users' instead of 'username' group by default) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How hard is it to rip Switch games to flash cards? My animal crossing physical copy is delayed and I'm an impatient bitch so I might cancel the order and get it digital but I hate not having physical copies of things

I am an absolute genius who managed to kick themself off of their own desktop.

Also I still can't get gitea to serve up ssh and I don't know ~why~

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