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Happy 4th of July, I'll be celebrating it my normal way by drinking a liter and a half of Russian beer and passing out

My friend sent me this and asked if it was mastodon

It's fun reading the HN comments whenever Gemini is mentioned because you only have to read a third of them. Other two thirds are people saying "Just use a subset of HTML" and completely missing the point

I tried writing more things on my gemini capsule:

It's more of my rambles on social networks and you can actually see me get tired of writing the farther along I get

I am officially all about sparkling soju now

Imagine asserting your cultural superiority based off of VH1 "I Love The XX" episdoes

Ah, so that's how at-ing people works with cws. Can you tell I'm not used to using them?

Weird how most sns sites are either heavily person-oriented (twitter, masto, fb,etc) or heavily content-oriented (insta,reddit,hn). We kind of just stopped using everything that was in-between the two and delegated that level of interaction to group chats.

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expired: having a cronjob to renew your cert
tired: renewing your cert when you get a mail from letsencrypt
wired: renewing your cert when you notice you can't connect to your xmpp server anymore

He goin Aristotle on these hoes. Real Nichomachean Ethics hours

You know, in hindsight maybe I shouldn't have ignored that email from LetsEncrypt saying that my SSL certs were expiring..

(The actual problem is the fact that I run my own nginx instead of using the matrix-docker-deploy container which means I can't use their certbot config, and I forgot to update mine to point to the right cert locations).

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Big butts, small government, lain 2020
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in relation to this I made a patreon if you want to support monthly.

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cofeposters will be assasinated by the #tea gang

I wonder if we're ever going to start designing internet protocols again, or if we're just going to keep shoving more things into HTTP

It's been interesting at least watching the crowd's opinion turn against Lemmy as development goes on. Lot of people starting to firmly believe the "reddit-model" of sns is fundamentally broken.

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